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Community Guidelines

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Welcome to the Dutyhosts Support!

The object of this forum is to provide simple support and discussion forum based around broadband, phone lines and general computing.

To make everyone's experience as enjoyable and simple as possible there are only a handful of guidelines which we will actively enforce here and will consist of the following points.

General Forum Rules
  • Please keep all topics relevant to the board they are posted in.
  • Do not reply to any obvious spam threads or flamed topics - Instead, use the report function to make us aware of these kinds of posts.
  • Please do not post any obscene or copyrighted content - Always seek permission from the original author or include the link to the original source.
  • Please do not bump a thread until 24 hours have passed.
  • Please do not double post - Unless a thread is marked as complete.
  • Please do not impersonate a member of staff.
  • Have fun!!
If you have any questions about the rules or anything else then please send a PM to Dave by clicking here.
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