Moderator Applications

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Moderator Applications

Post by Dave »

Hello all

We are currently in the process of accepting Moderator applications.

Moderators are the people will need that will not only "police" the forum and ensure it remains a safe and free from spam community to get involved in but by also posting and creating new content / points of discussion.

If you wish to apply for a staff position then please use the following link and fill in all the relevant fields with the information required.

Click here to apply!

Below is a run down of each of the questions and what is expected within each response, Any responses that do not cover the below points will be rejected.
  1. Real name:* - This field is auto populated with your forum username
  2. Email:* - This field is auto populated with your registered email account
  3. Position you would like to have: - This field lists all the available positions that we are looking to fill
  4. Why should we choose you?:* - Pretty self explanatory - Give details on why we should choose you to join the team
  5. Have you ever been a Moderator before?:* - Have you Moderated anywhere else before and if so where and how long for?
  6. What can you bring to the team?:* - If we were to offer you a staff position what can you bring to the table?
  7. What days and times would you be around?:* - How active do you plan to be or have time to be?
  8. Anything to add?:* - Any other information relevant to the position you are applying for.
Either this post will be updated shortly to include more information or a new post will be created soon with what is expected and how things will work out.

We look forward to receiving your application and working alongside you.

If you have any questions then please feel free to PM.

Best regards,