How to setup a hub on Windows

Want to know how to setup a hub and other information then look no further.
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How to setup a hub on Windows

Post by Dave » Sun May 20, 2018 3:13 pm

Hello all

In this guide we will guide you on setting up and running your own hub directly from your windows PC / laptop.

In this guide we will be using FlexHub.

Firstly head off to the Flexhub download page and click on the filename to download the software, Once this is done using your favourite ZIP file program unzip the file and its contents.

Now thats done click this link to go to the No IP Service Signup page enter your email address and choice of password then finally enter your required hub address and then select one of the free domain name endings to suit you then click on the Free Sign Up button at the end of the page.

Once you have signed up you will need to check your email and click the link to activate your account.

Now click on the "My Account" link at the top of the page to go to your dashboard and see your active domain name.

We now need to download the Dynamic Update Client, Once downloaded click on the downloaded file to start the program installation and follow the prompts.

Once the dynamic update client opens enter the same email address and password you used to sign up and then you will see that the edit groups / hosts box has appeared, Simply tick the check box next to the domain name you created and then click on Save.

Now open your web browser and head to your hub admin page usually ( and login .. Now we need to locate the port forward option which is usually under Advanced Settings.

In the Add rule page enter the name for your program (FlexHub) and then enter the start port and end port .. For this example i used 413 in both fields and make sure the protocol is set to both UDP and TCP.

Now we need to open Command Prompt and type in IPCONFIG and press enter and make a note of your IPV4 Address which will be 192.168.0.* then click on add rule and then apply.

Now we need to go back to the FlexHub file we extracted earlier and double click on the FlexHub Application .. First click on the Edit Accounts button and enter your desired username and password and then click save then close the window.

Now enter your desired hub name and the port number you specified in your Port Forwarding page then click on the Start hub button.

Simply open up your chosen DC Client and select File > Quick Connect then enter your hub address you created on the NO IP Sign up page and then place a semi colon followed by the port number EG:

You will have now connected as a standard user, To correct this right click the tab of the hub and then click on Add Favourites .. Then go into your favourites and add the username and password you created before you started the hub and then right click on the hubs tab again to reconnect.

You should now have a gold key besides your name to indicate you are a hub operator / owner.

Now hand out the hub address to your friends for them to connect and join you.

Well done on creating your first hub!

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